Thursday, November 09, 2006


he world’s first radio capable of accessing over 99% of internet radio stations broadcast anywhere in the world.

Internet Radio
The AE Wi-Fi radio lets you listen to radio broadcasts from all over the world via your broadband internet connection. It doesn’t need a PC to work, and the Stations list is updated by Reciva every day, so your radio always connects to the latest stations.

Media Adapter
The AE Wi-Fi radio is also a fully equipped media adapter. It enables you to listen to audio tracks stored on PCs connected to the same local network as your Wi-Fi radio, allowing you to play by artist, album or playlist.

The AE Wi-Fi internet radio could not be simpler to use. There is no software to load, no complex set-up operations and no need to be a PC expert. Simply plug it into the main power and turn on!

The AE Wi-Fi radio automatically links into your existing Wi-Fi network (with WEP encryption if enabled) and uses your broadband connection to access the Reciva Internet radio Gateway. The Gateway then uploads channel listings alphabetically by country and genre to your AE Wi-Fi radio fully automatically. You simply select the station name you want using the rotary control knob and LCD display, and press play – as simple as that.

Stations List
There are currently over 5000 streams listed on the Reciva Gateway and more are added every day. Every time the radio is switched off and back on again a new channel listing is uploaded meaning the AE Wi-Fi radio will be fully up to date with all the latest stations.


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